Billboard Marketing Isn’t Dead

Billboard Marketing Isn’t Dead

Billboard Marketing Isn’t Dead

Billboard marketing is still alive. It has a new name though, Out of Home Advertising (OOH).

Ad Week even has a whole section on their web site dedicated to it and marketers are creating some pretty unique experiences by pushing traditional forms of advertising to the edge.

While many forms of traditional advertising are on the decline, Out of Home marketing is on the rise. In fact, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America says,

“Revenue has increased the last 22nd consecutive quarters"

for OOH Advertising and big brands are taking notice, “the top 10 advertisers in 2015 were McDonald’s, Apple, Verizon, Warner Bros Pictures, Metro PCS, Coca Cola, Geico, Universal Pictures, Chase and Fox.”

The OOH industry generates $6.9 billion annually ad revenues and donates more than $450 million in space each year.

OOH Advertising is essentially marketing to your customers when they aren’t at home but on the move and can’t help but see your message. Think sides of buses, subway signs, TVs in cabs or on gas station pumps, bus shelters and benches, sign twirlers, digital signs in arenas, basically anything you walk, ride or drive by. The increase in this form of advertising is due to consumers being able to skip commercials on TVs and the low cost of entry. You’ve got a captive audience, a low price point and the ability to amplify your message with tie-ins to digital marketing.
Billboards still are the major form of advertising in this channel with 70+% geared towards local businesses. We can help you take your Out of Home game to the next level. Let’s connect and talk about how we can make your message jump off the board and reach your customers.