Keys to CRM Success

Keys to CRM Success

Keys to CRM Success

Looking to deploy a CRM system? There are steps you can take to ensure success with deployment and user adoption. From strategy to training through reinforcement here are six tips to help you get started:

Integrate: Your strategy should incorporate your CRM system and drive the need for it. CRM must be integral part of your business process and not just a tool on the side.

Leadership: There’s more to leadership engagement then just “blessing’’ the selected system. The leadership team must drive organizational engagement.

Start Small: Be realistic with what you want to accomplish with the system. Asking users to fill out dozens of fields will be difficult to enforce and maintain. Start out small and work up over time once engagement has been established.

Functionality: Integrating your web pages and social information into the enables better workflow management and reduces multiple systems to track data.

Training: Webinar training won’t work in group settings. The trainer needs to be on-site and work with a small group of users at a time. In addition, it’s best to train employees on their own computers and with real data.

Reinforcement: Reinforce training goals by rewarding user adoption. Gift cards, free PTO days, and recognition make excellent rewards.

Ensuring success for your organization starts by having the right strategy. Need help getting started? Contact Agency 128 for tips on how to make your CRM system a success.