Traditional Marketing Can Make Digital Marketing Stronger

Traditional Marketing Can Make Digital Marketing Stronger

Traditional Marketing Can Make Digital Marketing Stronger

Everyone wants to do digital marketing but there is still a major place for traditional marketing. In fact, when done right traditional marketing can increase the impact that digital marketing has on consumer engagement with brands. 

There is a common notion that the only way to market to millennials is through digital. Consider this millennials and Generation Z ride buses, take cabs and sit on subways during their daily commutes. They are trapped on the same roads or rails and are captive to receiving repetitive messages from billboards, subway panels and bus stop benches. The same principles apply to digital marketing as they do traditional marketing. You need to know your audience and engage with them where they are and how they want to be engaged. You already know where they are (in transit) bored out of their minds staring at everything and anything around them. Capture their attention with a crazy dimensional billboard or an interactive bus shelter. Now add a social component to it so they can spread the word to their friends and followers.  

You’ve now turned a traditional one-way conversation piece (billboard) into a launch pad for your digital campaign and started a conversation. So the next time your agency suggests something traditional don’t shrug it off, traditional media such as Out of Home Advertising [link to OOH post] is very cost effective with a deep reach. And if your agency isn’t talking to you about how to use inexpensive advertising mediums to boost your campaigns talk to us. We’ve still respect traditional advertising media and know how to amplify digital campaign impact with a few strategically placed pieces. 

Definition of Traditional Marketing:

Generally thought of sending a message, one way communication to a large group or audience.

Typically Print, TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Out of Home Advertising, or Telemarketing.

Definition of Digital Marketing: 

Used to create two-way or many-way conversations that happen quickly.

Typically Web sites, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Ads, or Video Marketing.