3 Important Marketing Trends for 2016

Three Important 2016 Marketing Trends

With so many options at our fingertips, know the key 2016 marketing trends has never been more important or necessary for businesses of any size. 2016 has proven to further digital marketing tactics, and it is important to be tuned into the ebb and flow of marketing trends across the board. Has your business stayed up-to-date? Here are some of the most important marketing tactics being used this year:

1. Involve customers in your marketing 

Many successful companies have identified the importance of getting their customers involved in marketing as a key 2016 marketing trend. One of the easiest and seemingly most effective ways to do this is by creating opportunities for consumers to express their own opinions on different services and merchandise. 

Everyone has an opinion, and many people are more than happy to share theirs with the world. More businesses should take advantage of this, as it is an excellent opportunity to engage customers. Opening review platforms will create a trustworthy space where your customers can voice their opinions and new customers can make decisions based on other’s experiences. 

Authenticity will always be appealing, and creating a place where customers can put in their two cents will prove to be an effective marketing tool. This is also a great way to communicate with your audience to see what they like and what they don’t like about your company. Even if there is a negative comment, one can use it as an opportunity to follow-up and remedy the situation in a public way. 

Treat your customers as the main influencers they are. Build relationships and produce positive experiences as much as possible and let the referrals roll in.

2. Concentrate on content marketing 

Content marketing has been on the table for many years, but as time goes on, the need for out of-the-box ideas remains necessary making is a significant marketing trend in 2016. Content marketing puts an emphasis on creating content that is relevant and creative, but its main focus is to attract an audience instead of directly trying to sell to them. 

Make a connection with your audience- entertain them, engage them, and teach them. Customers are looking for brands that prove they are interested in their customers, regardless of whether or not they are buying something at that moment. 

The most powerful marketing tools are the ones that build a relationship between a brand and a customer, so tell them a story, and show you are capable of communicating without selling.

3. Use social media as a channel

We must do away with the idea that social media is just a marketing strategy; social media is an important channel and should be treated as such. Thinking of social media only as a strategy will often leave a business with a limited and eventually stagnant reach. It is clearly a 2016 marketing trend and will be with us for a long time. 

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers, as well as keep track of the overall feeling towards your brand. It is also an easy way to expand your reach with marketing campaigns and increase website traffic.

It must be noted that social media should be used in conjunction with other marketing tactics. Social media tends to fall flat without support, but expands when accompanied by proper ideas and strategy.

Overall, the 2016 trends in marketing are focused on creating relationships between businesses and consumers and looking past an easy-sell mindset. Investing in marketing-building rapport are two things that will never go out of style. 

Have you used any marketing tactics in 2016 that have proved to be useful? Let us know what you think.