40 Years in the Making

Celebrating 40 Years of Staying Inspired

1976 was a time of bicentennial celebration and peak technology.

OK, just that first part is true.

Because as we all know, a lot has changed over the last 40 years. But while our founders did have the latest touch tone phones and electric typewriters, Agency 128 has always embraced continual learning as a marketing enthusiast’s number one job. That means taking change as it comes and translating it into valuable insight for our clients.

Agency 128 is celebrating 40 years in business.

And speaking of clients, some things do remain the same—like the way we cherish and value our relationships with them. And how we’re dedicated to delivering purposeful marketing solutions, time and time again.

So even though it’s been four decades, a few names, and several St. Cloud locations since we first opened our doors, each passing year has fed our inspiration and kept us passionate about creating new ideas in new ways. We’re extremely grateful. And we’ve just gotta say—this is pretty far out.

Want to get in touch? Groovy! Contact us at 320-656-4128 or email info@agency128.com. And if you want to connect with us on social media—where we’ll be celebrating 40 years of staying inspired—that would also be super cool.


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