2016: Digital Communication Authenticity

2016: Digital Communication Authenticity

Digital communication gives you the power to be authentic

Digital communication has shifted how we do the bulk of our communication over the last decade. While the majority of conversing happens across digital channels, and would generally be considered a less-genuine way of communicating compared to face-to-face, there has been a trend in searching for more authentic options within digital communication. While it is easy to hide behind a screen and market as usual, modern customers are asking for more. Authenticity is held in great esteem, so it is wise for companies to attempt a more genuine approach in their marketing tactics.

What does this kind of marketing look like? The key word for this approach is “conversational.” At first when larger companies tried “authentic” marketing, they were essentially trying to come across as less corporate, but the practice has evolved into a way of being able to represent your brand in words and conversation on top of visual advertising. 

By adapting a more conversational approach, it will bring focus to your business’ brand by allowing your online and offline presence to be the same.

Many companies try to brand themselves differently online than they do in person, and this often comes across as fake to customers. By switching to a more balanced method, not only are you creating a more personal and genuine experience, you are also making it easier for your marketing team, as there will be common themes and objectives across every medium. 

Make yourself accessible, create ways to have two-way conversations with anyone that is willing, and be real with your customers. Use digital communication, and especially social media as an ally to strengthen your marketing strategies.

Authentic brands are those that stay true to their beliefs, are unapologetic about what matters to them, and are transparent to their supporters.

Honesty is the best policy, so give people a behind-the-scene look at how you do business and create meaningful conversations to give your brand a voice. No one likes to be advertised to anymore, so in order to drive a sale in this market, it is important that you make a connection with your audience, digital communication gives you the power to do that.

Listen to their demands, research their desires, and respond by showing them what makes you better than the rest. And always remember that saying you’re authentic is not the same as actually being authentic, so for this last half of 2016, prove your worth by putting your money where your mouth is; be real, be available, and be authentic.