Millennial Marketing Rules

Rules for Millennial Marketing

Millennial Marketing Rules

Millennials make up more than 25% of the United States’ population, and they are changing how business is done. Millennial marketing in particular has been greatly affected because of this large percentage. This raises an important question to companies: What is the most effective way to market to this generation? 

In response, here are a few ways to update your Millennial marketing strategies to appeal to this generation of 80 million. 

  • Be Honest

Millennials love the word “authenticity”. It’s used in hashtags and social media, and especially in the marketing world, but what does it actually mean to them? The catchy phrase is simply a voice that speaks to traditional marketing attempts that were fake and impersonal. Millennials put high value on looking behind the curtain so-to-speak, when it comes to marketing. They want companies to manifest transparency to their customers as proof of their authenticity. This is what honesty looks like for companies - treating your audience as people, not merely buyers. 

  • Be Collaborative

Giving people the option to fill certain roles can create a sense of comradery and allegiance to your company. Incorporate your audience in the decision-making process, or even the overall creative process, whenever possible. Reach out and show your customers you care, that their thoughts matter, and that you appreciate their contributions. 

  • Be Memorable

Believe it or not, there is a high probability that nearly every Millennial you market to will never know a life without the internet. Because of this, they have seen every digital marketing tactic in the book, and they are looking for something that steps outside of the box. This is where content marketing takes the stage. Mastering this kind of marketing will put you miles ahead of your competitors. The internet is overflowing with creative ideas, so to break onto the scene and create something original that will connect with your patrons. 

  • Be Social

When seeking to reach Millennials, using social media is a given. However, you must be aware that each site is unique and your game plan will need to be different depending on which one you’re using. What works on Facebook might not work on Instagram or Twitter, for example. You will need to conduct research to decide which tactics will work best for each distinct site. Also, take note that exhausting every social media avenue is not necessary. See which sites are most practical and beneficial to your company, and focus on mastering those. 

Millennial marketing doesn’t need to be intimidating. They have the same needs and desires as all generations preceding them, with a few added to the list. The trick to reaching them is simple: listen to their desires and connect to their humanity before trying to appeal to their wallets.