Email Marketing: Why it Works

Email Marketing: Why it Works

Email Marketing: Why it Works

Email Marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but is still a marketing strategy that provides great ROI and can easily be tracked back to business and sales. Here are four reasons why you should consider opting for email marketing:


One of the most attractive things about email marketing is that it is fairly simple. It is an uncomplicated creation process that is an easy way to connect with customers. Most people with smartphones have their email accounts connected to their device, which means you can directly connect with people while they are on the go. You can also include key information upfront so your more important message is delivered upon opening of the email. 


Depending on the number of subscribers in your database, sending an email through a platform such as Exact Target, iContact, Constant Contact or MailChimp can be one of the most effective and cost-saving ways to engage a customer. The price per email is, may we say, ridiculously cheap. An additional perk: if you’re just starting out on email marketing, you can opt in for a basic package as "Pay As You Go" while you scale your database. Between all the different email providers, there is a lot of room for budget flexibility.  You can also ask your agency to do it on your behalf as they likely already have tools in place you can take advantage of and keep costs down.


Email marketing can be made personal and customizable to meet your company’s needs. While working with emails, you are able to organize your patrons into groups in order to better personalize what they would like to see, and send the messages accordingly. By creating specialized emails for different lists of people, you will be forging a more personal relationship with your customers. Email marketing allows companies to send a variety of formats for emails, such as a newsletter, deal or discount, announcement, you name it. Email marketing offers endless options to engage with a customer in a way that would connect with them. 


Email is easy to measure. Within the email platform, brands can monitor a variety of different analytics to see what is resonating with the email recipient. You can measure what your customer is clicking on, how long they stay within the email, where they go to on your website, what emails they open and do not open, and more. 

Email marketing has many benefits that all businesses should take advantage of. Avoid becoming spam by creating a marketing plan that only sends emails when necessary and appropriate. The point of marketing should be to build awareness and trust between you and your customers, so it will be important to think through what content is important to your customers.

Make sure you are following CAN SPAM rules. For a complete details check out this link to stay in compliance.