Build Sustainable Customer-Centric Marketing Practices

Build Sustainable Customer-Centric Marketing Practices

Build Sustainable Customer-Centric Marketing Practices

Doing customer-centric marketing requires implementation of many different practices in order to be successful. Companies such as Amazon have mastered the art of centering their business on fulfilling the needs and desires of their customers, and because of this, have continued to raise their sales margins throughout the years. So, how do you get started in building objectives that revolve around your customers? Here are some tips:

Customer Satisfaction does not mean Customer-Centric

First, many companies boast of customer satisfaction, and while this is a good thing to have, it does not mean the same thing as being customer-centric. Customer satisfaction is a short-term solution and can be very short-sighted. Customer satisfaction is something that has to be partnered with other policies in order to be sustainable. 

Customer loyalty should be the ultimate goal of your company if you are working towards a customer-centric marketing model. While building loyalty is a slower process and can take a great deal of time, it is investing in the future of your business. Once loyalty has been established, it is much more difficult to tear down because a connection built on trust has been created. 

Listen to Your Customers to Build Loyalty

In order to build loyalty, it is important to be in tune with your patrons. What do they most need and desire from your company? How do they perceive your actions and business decisions? Do they believe you are living up to your promises? Once you can synthesize the opinions of the bulk of your audience, you can identify what you are doing well and what you can work on to improve their opinions. 

Customer service deals with the immediate problems and are the first-responders to those problems, but in order to create loyalty, it is essential to listen to your customers’ broader needs and respond appropriately. Create an open forum where people can engage with questions or concerns. Always go above and beyond the required response and be as transparent as possible.

Every Step of the Purchase Process Needs to be Customer-Centric

Customer-centric marketers ensure that they offer a great experience through all stages of purchasing. From the scouting process, to the actual purchase, to the follow-up and continuation of communication - all are equally important steps in creating that loyalty. 

There are challenges with this way of doing things. It can be more expensive, as you will have to dedicate more man hours to ensuring satisfaction at every point, as well as time for researching and anticipating consumers’ needs. It is complex and requires constant attention and willingness to change and evolve with your customers, but in the end you will have dedicated and loyal customers that will not easily jump ship at the first sign of trouble. They will be with you for the long-term and your business will be better off with them.

There is nothing better for your business than loyal customers, so it is worth the investment in customer-centric marketing practices. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and look at yourself; make their journey as easy as possible so you can maximize their value.