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If Content Isn’t Interesting, Then It’s Nothing

1 If Content Isn’t Interesting, Then It’s Nothing Content Marketing Is King Research shows that consumers notice and engage with content that benefits them, highlighting the necessity of content marketing. Content marketing offers a purposeful marketing strategy that focuses on creating valuable content that interests consumers. This sort of marketing is more than just advertising[…]

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2016: Digital Communication Authenticity

1 2016: Digital Communication Authenticity Digital communication gives you the power to be authentic Digital communication has shifted how we do the bulk of our communication over the last decade. While the majority of conversing happens across digital channels, and would generally be considered a less-genuine way of communicating compared to face-to-face, there has been a[…]

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40 Years in the Making

Because as we all know, a lot has changed over the last 40 years. But while our founders did have the latest touch tone phones and electric typewriters, Agency 128 has always embraced continual learning as a marketing enthusiast’s number one job. That means taking change as it comes and translating it into valuable insight for our clients.